Banned by Apple – How Casino and Roulette Games Are Blocked on the iPhone and iPod Touch

We don’t all live in Vegas, but it’s a modern world. To get in on a craps game you only need to go as far as the nearest computer. There are tons of options when it comes to online casinos so you’ll need to know where to start and what to look for. Remember you’re playing with real money so take some time and make sure you’re not putting it at (too much) risk.

So you type “play craps online” into Google and get close to a million hits, what now? If you’re like most people you’ll simply pick one of the first on the list and sign up. Luckily for you you’re not ‘most people’, you’re armed with some critical knowledge. To start with we need to look past the hype (or at least some of it) and break down the casino into a few vital components. สูตรสล็อต

Immediately check for the average payout.  If a casino does not publish its average payout percentage they probably have been ripping their customers off.  Anything over 90% payout is decent and if it’s 96%-99% it’s excellent.

Next research what there gaming software is like.  If it’s old, or outdated software you will have at best a slow gaming experience (not good at all for craps), and at worst it will freeze during game play.  Unless you want to spend money to experiment with the software your best bet is to research it on the internet.  Plenty of reviewers post all the information about casino software on their websites.

Finally the bonus. This will probably be the absolute first thing you see on an online casinos ad campaign. Most bonuses are $100-$250, though some can be over a thousand dollars. This isn’t exactly free money though, it most definitely has some strings attached. To start with your bonus is really a 100% match for your first deposit(s). If you put in one hundred dollars, that’s what your bonus will be. Also you’ll have to bet 15x-30x the total sum of your original deposit plus your bonus before you can withdraw your money. So if you deposit $500 you’ll get a $500 bonus. If you have a 15x withdraw limit, you’ll have to place $1500 with the casino before you can withdraw your funds.


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