Department Learn About Fulfilling Nutrition in Healthy

Not only will we learn theory, but we will also learn to work in the lab and go straight into the field. Let’s take a peek at the popular health department.

1. Nutrition Science
There are terms curative and preventive – have you heard them? Medical education is more curative, caring for sick patients. Uniquely, Nutritional Science can be preventive and curative.

In this department we learn about fulfilling nutrition in healthy and sick conditions. The nutritional needs of toddlers, teenagers, breastfeeding bo slot gacor mothers and the elderly are different. Each of them needs healthy food intake, according to their needs, so that their health is well maintained.

Meanwhile, hospitalized patients also need different nutrition to recover quickly from their illness. So, this major is as important as Medical Education, right?

2. Public Health
Smart Friends, have you ever used BPJS Health? This national health insurance system requires us to go to health facilities in stages when we are sick. Then, the doctor examines and prescribes pharmacy-produced medication.

This means that the health system is actually quite complex – it’s not just doctors. Well, at the Department of Public Health we learn about the complexity of health problems.

Just like nutrition, public health can be applied both from a preventive and curative perspective. Alumni of this department are really needed in the health sector which has direct contact with the community, such as the Health Service, the National Narcotics Agency, including BPJS Health.

3. Nursing Science
You must be familiar with the nursing profession, right? Yes, nurses are health workers who have direct contact with patients, whatever the circumstances – just like doctors. So, not only intelligence, but also mental strength is required to learn about Nursing.

In fact, before graduating from college, Nursing students are also required to practice in hospitals – yes, just like doctors. The difference with medical education, nursing science is in diploma and undergraduate programs.

4. Pharmacy
After meeting with the doctor, we came out of the examination room with the prescription sheet. So, Pharmacy alumni are the ones who prepare the medicines we need, friends. However, to become a pharmacist, we must first take two semesters of Pharmacist Professional Education.

Apart from being pharmacists, Pharmacy alumni are also needed in the cosmetics and food sectors. Does that remind you of anything? Yes, we have the Food and Drug Administration. This institution needs pharmacists who are experts in their field to research food, medicines and cosmetics circulating in the community.

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