Why a Bahamas Appraiser Should Be Licensed and Regulated

Having a foreign appraiser working in The Bahamas is both irritating and insulting. It’s even worse if they’re not even licensed. After all, they may have come into the country as vacationers and are working under the guise of an appraiser. This is one reason that the BREA has urged the Davis administration to withdraw the 2022 real property tax bills. They argued that the appraisals used by DIR to justify the valuations were invalid.

Since graduating from the University of Oregon and the Georgia Institute of Technology, Mike Lightbourn has worked as a Bahamas real estate broker for more than twenty years. He holds degrees in real estate and insurance and has served as a vice president of the Bahamas Real Estate Association. He is also a certified senior real estate valuer and a government-approved assessor.

A Bahamas appraiser who meets all RICS standards is essential for your property’s sale. This way, you’ll be sure to get the best possible value for your property. exumas real estate A licensed Bahamas appraiser will provide a fair market value estimate for your property and explain why the value is fair. Moreover, a licensed Bahamas appraiser will be able to help you avoid the pitfalls that can arise when you’re selling or buying a property.

In addition to being a licensed appraiser, he is also a licensed real estate broker and member of the Bahamas Real Estate Association. He has completed numerous appraisals for government departments and lenders. He also has extensive experience selling property in most of the islands of the Bahamas. In addition, he is certified by the International Institute of Valuers and is a certified review appraiser of the National Association of Review Appraisers.

Spencer White, an experienced appraiser and Bahamas real estate agent, joined Coldwell Banker in 2001 and has received several Coldwell Banker International awards. He has written appraisals for major banks and commercial and residential developers. He has also appeared as an expert witness in several international court cases. In addition to this, his reputation in the Bahamas is a testament to his professionalism and experience.

A Bahamas appraiser must be licensed and should be properly regulated by the government. Anyone who does not comply with these laws will be fined or jailed. The Bahamas Real Estate Association will fight to update the outdated 25-year-old real estate laws to include tough penalties for unauthorized activities. It’s imperative to keep these professionals from committing crimes.

Lorraine Rowan’s mother’s side of the family dates back to the first Europeans to settle in The Bahamas in 1648. Fortunately, her great uncle has preserved the family tree, which includes traditional Bahamian surnames such as Lowe, Roberts, Kelly, Pinder, and Johnson. The family also founded the first school in The Bahamas, Spanish Wells.

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